Vancouver East Side Flat Fee MLS® Discount Realtor®

OneFlatFee is Vancouver East Side’s flat fee MLS® Realtor®, offering discount Realtor® and flat fee real estate services to the city of Vancouver East Side, including discount MLS®, discount Realtor®, discount Paragon®®, and services.


For only $1499 get a Flat Fee MLS® listing – a fraction of the price of other Discount Realtors® – or go with for Full Service Real Estate package to sell your home for just $3999!

Home to a diverse urban centre with a mix of residential and commercial properties, OneFlatFee provides discount real estate services in Vancouver East Side, with sales in luxury buildings, condos, and townhomes like the 2220 Kingsway condo project, 1915 Stainsbury Ave condo and townhouse project, Latitude Living condos, Commercial Drive condos, Main Street condos, Trio Condos, the Riley, Little Mountain in Vancouver, Skyway Tower, Charm Condos, Wall Centre Central Park, Anchor Mills, River District Community, Shoreline, Sesame, Pinnacle Living False Creek Phase 1, Pinnacle Living False Creek Phase 2, Canvas, EVAN, Proximity Condo, Opsal Steel, Essence in Mount Pleasant, 2290 Main Street, 5 on the Drive, 7 & W Townhomes, Uptown, Broadway Crossing, Collection 45 Condos, Panacasa Concrete Condos and Townhouse, the Gem on Fraser, SoMa Living,  and more.


OneFlatFee specializes in flat fee, discount real estate for the Vancouver East Side area including the Vancouver East Side neighbourhoods of Commercie Drive, Grandview, Grandview-Woodland, Hastings-Sunrise, Kensington-Sunrise, Kensington-Cedar Cottage, Killarney, Mount Pleasant, Main Street, Riley Park, Renfre-Collingwood, Riley Park-Little Mountain, Strathcona, Sunset, and Fraserview (and everywhere in between!).


Save thousands of dollars when you use OneFlatFee to provide you with full service MLS® listings using a discount Realtor® structure. Home sellers are provided with a fully licensed Realtor® specializing in Vancouver East Side real estate, able to fully market your property using all necessary tools, including MLS®, Paragon®®, and Alternatively, you may choose to sell your home using the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) method; while different than discount Real Estate, FSBO still allows home sellers to realize high savings compared to traditional real estate. Whichever method you choose, For Sale by Owner or flat-fee, discount real estate, OneFlatFee provides both the home seller and home buyer with savings for the purchase of a Vancouver East Side neighbourhood home.