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Traditional Realtors® vs. Discount Realtors®

While deciphering the differences between traditional Realtors® and discount Realtors®, one must keep in mind that traditional Realtors® may or may not adjust their commission to make it seem like the home seller is getting a deal, while a discount Realtor® has no commission to begin with, offering a set price for set services, which means that the home seller gets the deal before the conversation even begins.

While a home seller is going through the process of interviewing Realtors®, the negotiations typically begin before the process has even started, whereby the home seller may negotiate with the Realtor® on the listing price, terms of listing agreement, and often, the commission of a traditional Realtor®.

Discount Realtors® charge for specific services a la carte, which means that you know exactly where your money is going, whether it be signage, photography, MLS® listings, listings, and more.

Because the structure of One Flat Fee allows Realtors® to close many times more sales than a traditional Realtor® while retaining the ability to offer the same desired services, home sellers now have an exciting alternative to the stale traditional commission structure and are able to experience a higher level service.

We specialize in providing Flat Fee MLS listings for homes for sale by owner in Vancouver, BC, throughout the lower mainland and the remote regions of British Columbia.

The following graphic shows that if you are selling a $500,000 home, with a traditional Realtor®, you would be in the ballpark of $17,850, while with One Flat Fee, your fee would be $9,780, for a difference of $8,070.

With over eight thousand dollars in savings, you could make updates before the sale to get even more money out of your home, you could take a trip to relax after the sale of your home, or you could just tuck it into your savings account for a rainy day. With the option to advertise in the same way that a traditional Realtor® markets their listings, One Flat Fee is able to provide the same services, a la carte, for much less than home sellers typically pay.

One Flat Fee further differentiates ourselves from other discount Realtors® by offering listings for Realtors® to see on MLXchange®, which is a critical step if you want Realtors® to show your property. Not including this vital step will eliminate 75% of potential buyers who you absolutely need to see your property to complete a successful sale.

Discount Realtors® are able to offer an attractive deal for both home buyers and home sellers without anyone having to waste tens of thousands of dollars on high commissions. This is a success story for everyone involved, including the discount or flat-fee Realtor® who builds a business on this effective system of selling real estate.

The Real Estate market is definitely changing and the tools are changing, too. Individual home sellers now have the tools to become real estate savvy, able to prepare and market their own homes using the tools available, such as MLS®,, and MLXchange®. Because home sellers can now professionally and successfully sell using a For Sale By Owner, flat-fee, or discount model, sellers are able to buck tradition and save money.