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Homebuyers: Get Cash Back on Your Home or Property Purchase

Where can I find the best Realtor® for my home buying needs? What kind of Realtor® should I get to buy my first home? Do I need a Realtor®? What are cash back deals? These are just a few of the questions that a homebuyer may ask themselves when preparing to purchase a home or property.

The simple fact is that as a homebuyer, you do not necessarily need a traditional, commissioned Realtor®. When a home seller signs a listing contract to sell their home or property through a Realtor®, the contract always states the total commission to be paid by the seller to the Realtor®, and also states how much the seller’s brokerage will pay to the cooperating buyer’s agent. Simplified, this means that the commission paid by the seller compensates both the seller’s agent and the buyer’s agent, and buyer are not typically ever asked to pay any portion of a real estate commission. Buyer’s agents are compensated through this commission that the home seller pays.

Because of recent changes to the Real Estate Act, licensed Realtors® are now able to pay cash incentives to non-licensed individuals, which means that One Flat Fee provides cash back to buyers upon the purchase of their home. If a buyer purchases a home using a licensed Realtor® like One Flat Fee, the brokerage (One Flat Fee) is now allowed to pay the buyer as an incentive to obtain business. The payment is treated as an expense and is tax-free to the home buyer. Note: this deal is not offered through For Sale By Owner (FSBO) contracts, as there are no posted commissions paid to agents on private sales.

Whether you are looking to purchase a home or property in Vancouver, the surrounding lower mainland, or anywhere else in BC, One Flat Fee has a cash back program set up for you! Our packages are as follows:

Package A

-You find your own home

-We represent and assist you

-You earn 50% cash back commission

With our “package a”, even if you’ve decided to go it alone, doing all the leg work for yourself, finding your own home, if you call us to represent and assist you, you will earn 50% of the commission!

Package B

-We do the leg work and show you homes

-We represent and assist you

-You ear 25% cash back commission

With our “package b”, we do more of the work on your behalf, finding and showing you homes, followed by representation and assistance – and even though we’re doing the leg work, we’ll still give you 25% of the commission just for choosing One Flat Fee to represent you as a homebuyer. It’s a win-win situation all around!

While many homebuyers wish to keep full control over the purchase of their new home, homebuyers still require representation, and One Flat Fee wants to represent you in your home buying purchase. So much that we pay for the privilege, offering you our cash back reward program that includes all the services of an experienced buyer’s agent while putting cash in your pocket. No gimmicks needed, just common sense.