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Full Service Discount Realtors® the Wave of the Future in BC Realty

Because of recent clarifications within the real estate industry, more and more people in the lower mainland are flocking to the Discount realtor® method of selling their homes.

While traditional Realtors® often make a big show of open houses and talk of “how it’s been done before”, discount realtors® are ahead of the curve, omitting high commissions and pricing homes accordingly in order to make a successful sale. Discount realtors® are used to dealing in higher volume than traditional realtors® and often have specific procedures in place to help ensure the sale of your home.

Because of sites like MLS®, which now allow postings from For Sale By Owner home sellers via services like One Flat Fee’s discount real estate services, it is now easier to research, buy, and sell homes than ever before. Traditional real estate commissions should be lowered given the existence of these new, online avenues available to help home sales, but traditional Realtors® are often stuck in a traditional mind set… and their commissions have remained at the same high levels.

This old fashioned and costly method of buying and selling homes has provided the opportunity for discount Realtors® to step up – in fact, BC Business recently reported on this very phenomenon, with a quote stating that full service discount Realtors® will be the next seismic shift within the real estate industry – in other words, discount Realtors® are the wave of the future.

The question of whether discount Realtors® will last is only a question of service. If consumers find value in the services that a discount Realtor® is able to offer, it indicates that discount realty will, in fact, have a long life. One of the key things that sets discount Realtors® apart is the fact that discount Realtors® like One Flat Fee offer services a la cart, including MLS® postings, professional photography, and cash back deals, giving everyone in the process an advantage. Compared to paying one Realtor® a high commission, consumers definitely find value in measurable services like what a discount Realtor® can offer.

One Flat Fee is a member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver and as a result has all the same benefits of a traditional Realtor® (MLS® postings, MLXchange®,, etc…); however, because of the structure of discount Realtors® like One Flat Fee, many times more sales can be closed, costing the home seller much less.

Discount realty is an exciting alternative to the stale, traditional commission structure, providing discount Realtors®, home sellers, and home buyers far more freedom. Because Realtors® must follow the consumers to continue maintaining a profitable living, discount Realtors® have the benefit in the long run, providing measurable services at lower prices. Lower mainland real estate sales, including Downtown Vancouver, Kerrisdale, Surrey, and Richmond have all demonstrated that the consumer demand is apparent for these discount real estate services.

It’s been apparent for quite some time that the real estate industry is changing, and now that consumer demand has risen for reasonably priced, measurable services, discount Realtors® have stepped up to provide the consumers with what they want.