Can I post my own listing myself on MLS® or REALTOR®.ca?

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) allows only licensed REALTORS® to post listings for numerous reasons including but not limited to liability, authenticity, legal and practical.

Can I be the only contact person?

Yes that is possible, although, your personal contact information cannot be publicly listed on MLS® and REALTOR®.ca as per the MLS® policy. Any enquiries in any form, be it a phone call or email will be forwarded directly to you. As an option, your contact information can be displayed on

What if I am not in Vancouver? Can I still use your service?

You can use the flat fee service anywhere in BC. We are proud to offer property finder services across British Columbia. One Flat Fee’s listing services for sale by owner real estate listings and property for sale are available in or outside of the Lower Mainland.

How much do you charge?

Please see the MLS® listings and For Sale by Owner (FSBO) packages for pricing. There are three distinctive packages that you can choose from to best serve your individual needs. When using our online payment processing system there will an additional processing charge by Paypal. If you don’t wish to incur this charge then you can mail a Bank Draft to us or call and arrange for an interact e-transfer. Packages 1 and 2 are paid upfront but package 3 is only paid upon the sale of the house.

What if I find my own buyer?

Finding your own buyer means you will NOT pay any commission to a REALTOR® or us. It’s that simple!

How is the buyer’s commission determined?

The seller determines this amount during the listing process. This amount is entirely up to the seller. Let’s say that you list your property for $500,000. For listing your property, you will pay us $499 (assuming you don’t want any other services). In the case a buyer were to contact you directly then you can sell your home to them and you have sold your property for $499. If, however, you are approached by a REALTOR® representing the buyer and you sell your home, then you will be obliged to pay the commission that you had pre-determined on your MLS® listing, although it is still negotiable and $995 is to be paid to our brokerage for processing the deal which includes Board fees and Brokerage fees.

What differs you from a traditional Broker / Agent?

The difference is price. For a fraction of traditional fees, we provide full service, which means listing your property on MLS® and REALTOR®.ca, installing a “For Sale” sign on your property (if you have chosen this), taking professional pictures (if you have chosen this), receiving and organizing phone calls, completing necessary contracts and negotiation and handling the deposits.

Do you do open houses?

Based on experience, homes DO NOT sell by doing open houses. They sell when the price is right. In today’s market condition, a well priced home will sell no matter if you do any advertisement or not. Also we do not have any objections if you wish to do any Open House to show your property to your neighbours.

What kind of advertising do you do to sell homes?

The strongest medium to advertise is the internet. Your property will be advertised via many different sources including MLS® and REALTOR®.ca, Craigslist, Kijiji, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, and various Lower Mainland real estate blogs. MLS® and REALTOR®.ca alone is the strongest medium of reaching potential buyers. The MLS® system receives 150-200 million hits per day!

Who decides on the house price?

You will be provided with a market analysis report and will be suggested a selling price. Ultimately, however, the listing price will be determined by you.

Do I have to buy through you in order to get the discounted listing fee?

You DO NOT have to buy through us in order to get the flat fee listing service. You will be under no obligation of a buyer agency contract.

Who is going to arrange the appointments to show my house?

If the package you selected includes this service, we will arrange all appointments and showings of your real estate listings or house for sale. Otherwise, it will be your responsibility to manage your showings.

What exactly do you provide with this service?

The basic package provides you the service of listing your property on MLS® and forwarding prospective buyers to you. Your property will also be promoted on the internet through our and other websites, blogs and MLS® and REALTOR®.ca. Upgraded packages offer you more options which will pass more responsibility over to us. Depending on the package, these services can include getting professional pictures taken, providing signage, negotiating, contractual work and conveyancing.

Do we have to sign a buyer’s agreement in order to list on MLS®?

You have no obligation to buy a house through us or sign a buyer’s agreement.

Can I cancel the agreement at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. We offer a “no strings attached” service. We do, however, take pride in the fact that we work hard to make sure that your needs are being met and that you are completely satisfied.

Is the One Flat Fee service offered across Canada?

Currently, we are working towards expanding services across Canada. One Flat Fee’s MLS listing services for sale by owner real estate listings and property for sale are available in or outside of the Lower Mainland. We are proud to offer property finder services across British Columbia.

Can I upgrade midcourse?

Yes! This is definitely an option if you would like us to handle more components of the sale. Depending on the package and how far along you are in it, you will be given a reasonable quote to upgrade to a different package.

How does For Sale By Owner work?

If you have more questions about our “For Sale by Owner” services, please visit this page: https://oneflatfee.cafor-sale-by-owner-services-fsbo