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Discount Realtor® Advantages: 5 Benefits of Using a Discount Realtor® to Sell Your Home

“Why should I choose a discount Realtor®?” you may be asking yourself. There are many reasons why a home seller or homebuyer may choose to use the services of a flat-fee, discount Realtor® or choose to sell via the For Sale by Owner (FSBO) method through a discount Realtor®. Let’s look at five ways a discount Realtor® will give you an advantage.

Higher Volume Sales Means Effective Sales Processes

Discount Realtors®, also known as flat-fee Realtors® (i.e.: services are offered on a fee-based structure), offer many of the same services as a traditional Realtor®; however because discount Realtors® work in higher volume sales than traditional Realtors®, their goal is to turn over as many deals as possible while obtaining the best price for their home sellers’ properties.

Services a la Carte Means You Pay for What You Want

Discount Realtors® forgo the stale commission structure that traditional Realtors® use, opting instead to offer their services a la carte – this way, the home seller pays only for the services they wish instead of paying high commissions for useless open houses. Because discount Realtor® services are offered a la carte, you can be sure your discount Realtor® wants you to realize value from each strategy employed – often working harder to ensure your needs are met, as both the home seller and the Realtor® are on the same page, with knowledge of the intended strategy to sell the home or property.

MLS® Listing Services Means Your Property is Advertised

Discount Realtors® are able to provide listings on listings on MLS®, MLXchange®, and, which allows home sellers to use their own techniques or gauge interest using the MLS® system. Most often, the first place homebuyers look when starting their search for a new home is MLS®. MLXchange® is also important as it is the Realtor®-facing MLS® system that will ensure your home is seen by other Realtors®, exposing your listing to up to 75% more buyers. While many discount Realtors® offer only MLS® listings, One Flat Fee ensures that your listing will also be on MLXchange® and – critical if you want other Realtors® show your property and expose your listing to more buyers.

Discount Flat Fee Services Means Full Service for One Price

Discount Realtors® offer flat fee services, not only for MLS®, but also for all the services you would typically find through a traditional Realtor®, including Internet advertising, forwarding the title of your property, market evaluation, forwarding prospective buyers, managing your appointments, presenting offers until sold, handling paperwork, buying and selling consultation, managing property showings, subject removal, legal coordination, and sale completion.

Cash Back for Buyers

Discount Realtors® like One Flat Fee often offer cash back for home buyers. This also gives the seller an advantage, as if a buyer is deciding between a home through a traditional Realtor® and a discount Realtor® and is only offered a cash back deal through the discount Realtor®, which one do you think the buyer will go with? One Flat Fee provides 25% or 50% cash back on the commission, offering both the home buyer and home seller an advantage over traditional Realtors®.