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Discount Real Estate is a Game Changer

Over the past few years, more and more traditional Realtors® are jumping on the discount real estate bandwagon; however, the discount real estate structure encompasses much more than some people think. Not only does discount real estate eliminate the high commissions of traditional Realtors®, but this structure allows for flat-fee real estate pricing, MLS® listings, and a la carte services, allowing home sellers to target their homes to the right sellers and save paying huge real estate commissions at the same time.

Full service discount real estate might be the new kid on the block, but it’s definitely here to stay, as more and more sellers realize they don’t need to pay those high commissions for the same services they could get for a fraction of the price. Moreover, buyers are also benefiting from this discount real estate structure, as they have the option of receiving cash back on their purchases.

A massive benefit of One Flat Fee’s discount real estate packages is the option to list on MLS® without paying expensive commissions to a traditional Realtor®. Listing on MLS® is essential to advertising your home to potential buyers, and with One Flat Fee’s listing service, home sellers will also get listings on MLXchange®, allowing other Realtors® to view the listing, and, the consumer-facing component of MLS®.

Twenty years ago, discount real estate would have been a virtual impossibility, as the proliferation of Internet access in homes across Canada was simply not in existence. Now; however, consumers have access to and the MLS® system, which allows autonomous research and eliminates the requirement for a Realtor® charging a high-priced commission. As consumers find value in discount real estate services, business has grown and the industry is undergoing a major shift as more and more home sellers and buyers realize the advantages of the discount realty structure.

As house prices have gone up over the years, doubling in some cases, real estate services in the traditional sphere have simply not followed suit – the public is not paying double the commission for double the quantity or quality of services – and that’s where discount real estate has the advantage. For one flat fee, home sellers can choose the level of service they want without worrying about rising commissions in conjunction with rising home prices.

This “do it yourself” structure can also encompasses the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) method, as home sellers discover that they too, can have access to the tools to successfully sell their home or property.

One Flat Fee provides a variety of packages and tools to help home sellers and home buyers navigate the real estate process. Check our listings, read our testimonials, and be sure to peruse our home selling packages to find the right package for your requirements. And don’t forget, if you’re a buyer, we have two cash-back deal packages depending on your needs. Contact One Flat Fee today for more information and let’s get buying and selling!