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5 Great Advantages of Discount Realtors

Paying a high percentage price to get a realtor on your side for selling is a waste of your hard earned money. When you’re not working with a real estate agent who works on a percentage commission, you can take advantage of perks that are otherwise simply cut off. So when you think of all the hard work that goes into selling your home on your own, remember these advantages will be on your side as well.

1. Sell on Your Own Terms

The first thing that you have to remember when you’re considering the daunting prospect of selling a house on your own is that you get to set the price and, barring laws, you get to set the terms of your sale. This means that you can sell when the price is right, and you can make it clear that the home is going to be sold as is: other than what’s required by law, you don’t have to promise to sweeten the pot with remodeling or repainting.

2. More Money in Your Pocket

Obviously, a huge advantage of not having a real estate agent on board is the sheer amount of money that you’re going to save. When you’re paying a high percentage based real estate agent to sell your home, you’re seeing a large chunk of your price go down the drain. If you’re also using a real estate agent to buy your next home you could actually be paying a realtor at both ends of the process; keep the cash that you’re getting an apply it to your new place or even just spend it on what you want. You could take a pretty great vacation on what a realtor would make from the sale of your home.

3. Pick and Choose the Services You Need

When you seek out a flat fee MSL listing service, you not only get your property out in front of other realtors and onto the official sales lists you can also find a realtor willing to provide you with services a la cart. For a fixed price you can enjoy help in whatever areas you need it. For some people this means having a realtor make arrangements with an appraiser, and businesses that are useful when you’re fixing up your home to sell it. For others, this means having a realtor to run a contract by before you sing off. Either way, you don’t have to pay for anything that you’re not going to use.

4. No Hard Sell for You or a Potential Buyer

When you’re working with a realtor you can wind up with them trying to sell you on an offer instead of trying to get the potential buyer to raise their prices. When they need that sale they’re going to try to talk you into accepting whatever’s on the table—even if you could make more by holding out. When you’re selling it yourself you’re selling on your time table.

5. No Commission Padding

A commissioned person is going to spend a lot of time looking for ways to inflate their commission. This could mean that they use high pressure tactics to try to convince someone to pay more (and thus end up losing you the sale) or they keep coming up with more services that they could offer you even when you thought you’d reached an agreement. When you’re paying a flat fee for only those services that you know you want and need, you don’t have to worry about commission padding any more.

Taking your sale into your own hands and choosing a flat fee MSL over a percentage paid real estate agent lets you call the shots on one of the most important things you can do: sell a home.