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4 Ways to Get More for Your House

Moving is always stressful. If you’re trying to move from a slower real estate market to one with more demand, getting every cent for your house is key to affording your new one. Even if you’re moving to a less expensive area it’s nice to get the full price for your home. it doesn’t even have to be an uphill battle; there are 4 simple things you can do to get a better home for you.


  1. Cut down Broker Costs


The first thing that you can do is lower the broker costs of your home. You don’t have to go to a full real estate agent and pay them a hefty commission to sell a home. If you have the time and dedication you can market your home in person and online just as well as a real estate agent would. The only thing that they have that you don’t is access to the multi-listing services that get your for sale home on the local real estate map. Look for a MSL (multi-listing service) agent in your area. For a flat-fee you can have your home listed. That’s it; no commission, no paying thousands of dollars for someone who just smiles at potential buyers, and a lot more money in your pocket. You can turn a much higher profit without even raising your selling price.

  1. Focus on Curb Appeal


These days, pretty much everyone knows that curb appeal is the best thing that your house can have. You should repaint the numbers on the walk, have someone trim the bushes, and make sure that your yard says “Hello, and welcome home.”


What people forget about curb appeal is that it works because it’s the first thing that the potential buyers see. If you’re putting your home up online, you have to worry about online curb appeal. Are the pictures that you put up showing your home in its best light? Does it look spacious, inviting, and warm? Spend some time making sure that your home’s online presence has the same curb appeal that it has in person.

  1. Get the Cutesy Clutter Out


Home staging is very important. Though some markets favor staging more clearly than others, it never hurts to have some fresh cut flowers out. If possible, pack up any personal belongings that you don’t need and move them out of the house or out of the way. You want potential buyers to be able to fully picture themselves in this space.


Staging is excellent, but you want to go light on the seasonal decorations. It might seem like a good idea to go all out for the Christmas decorations, but you don’t know the religious or other affiliations of potential buyers. Some people love tinsel, and it’s fine if you do, but if someone who hates it comes to visit they’re going to have to a hard time seeing your house as beautiful when it’s covered in something they hate.

  1. Freshen up Dated Looks


With that in mind, you should go around your home and invest your renovation money wisely. A few hundred dollars invested now could net you a couple thousand in increased sales price. While you should obviously replace any permanently stained paint or carpet, you should also try to freshen up a dated look. That carpet may have been popular in the 80’s, but today it looks old and unappealing.


Remember that today’s modern looks are simple: keep things about light neutrals, like beige on the walls and darker brown accents in the kitchens. You can avoid pure, blinding white on the walls but keep things simple. It’s better to remove extra furniture if you can; keep things open, airy, and light for the best results.