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3 Selling Musts That You Don’t Need a Realtor for Anymore

20 years ago, it was impossible to sell a house without a realtor. They knew the business, they knew the market, and most importantly they knew how to get the word out about your property. Selling a house was complicated, and it still is. But as technology has shifted it’s become easier and easier to do things that used to belong to realtor’s alone. If you’re aiming to sell a home, take a look at these essential steps that you don’t need to hire a full time real estate agent to achieve anymore.

1. Getting Your Home up Online

The very first thing that you should do is get your home up online. Official channels aren’t the only way to get offers on your property anymore. You should hit the real estate sites that are active for your area. With a simple run down, you can create a short, easy to read, and eye catching posting for your home.

Start by taking a couple great curb side photos. After that, make a bedroom and living room each look like they belong in a hotel and snap a picture of them as well. From there, get a photograph of an interesting feature of your house. A fireplace, a pool, or the nicely tiled bathroom wall will do. All that matters is that you have something to show the appeal of your home.

Write up the best about your house and don’t limit yourself to official real estate sites. Facebook and Craigslist are another great way to attract attention. Once you’ve done that, you’ve done 80% of what realtors do. Feel good about paying yourself the fat commission that most of them would earn for not doing anything more than what you’ve already done for yourself.

2. Setting up Viewings

Mobile phones and email conspire to make realtors obsolete. In the days where you actually had to be at your phone in order to receive a phone call, a realtor and their desk were a great asset to you. You couldn’t be taking calls while you were at work, or cooking dinner. Now, you can check your voicemail or email at your leisure.

Set up viewings that work around your schedule. As long as you’re willing to give up your days off to open houses and setting up viewing after viewing, you have what it takes to sell your house without bringing a realtor on board full time. You don’t have to rely on someone else to show your house. Just grin and bear it if they hate the décor you’ve worked on so long. Be personal, casual, and not over eager and you can be the competent tour guide that people will need to fully appreciate the potential that you house has to offer.

3. Accessing the Multi Listing Service Lists

It used to be that you had to pay a real estate agent a full commission just to get your house listed in the MSL (multi service listing) for your community. That time has passed. It might be hard to find a flat fee MSL agent in your area, but it’s well worth the effort. For one price you get your property out there for other agents and potential buyers to see. You get all of the benefit without having to pay a high, percentage-based commission. If you’re already taking it upon yourself to organizing viewings and to get your house on the list online, you don’t need the other services that a real estate agent is trying to sell you when you pay a percentage based commission.