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3 Primary Ways to Entice Buyers

When you’re selling a home, you want to ensure to do everything you can to entice buyers to make an offer. Maybe you’ve already purchased your new home, perhaps you’re moving to another city, or let’s face it: you might be sick of paying a mortgage on a home that no longer has your heart and it’s time to sell.

Whatever the reason, you want your home to sell fast and attract as many buyers as possible. The more potential buyers you have, the faster your home will sell, so here are some tips and tricks to entice buyers.

List on MLS®, MLXchange®, and

Due to clarifications in the Real Estate industry, amendments have been rewritten that now allow consumers the choice to pick and choose their level of service, now making it possible to advertise your home on MLS®, MLXchange® (for other Realtors® to see), and

The MLS® is a database of properties currently on the real estate market. Real estate agents or brokers participating in the MLS are able to list homes for sale. In today’s market, an MLS® listing is essential to the sale of your home. Even if you are selling your home yourself using the For Sale By Owner (FSBO) method, you can still get an MLS® listing. This is one of the primary ways for home sellers to market their home or property to potential home buyers.

Price it Right

When a potential buyer is searching for their new home, price is typically the main benchmark from which they start their search. Whether they’re browsing through a newspaper or MLS®, price is of utmost importance to home buyers, so it’s up to the home seller and agent to ensure their home is priced accordingly.

Because of high commissions when using a traditional Realtor®, prices are often set too high by home sellers because of the extra amount they will have to pay. Increasing the price of the home could be an issue for buyers who are price-focused to begin with, which is why discount real estate services offer a less expensive alternative, allowing for more flexibility on pricing than traditional Realtor®.

Represent Your Home Well

Use all tools at your disposal to represent your home the way it should be seen. Ensure that you stage your home, removing all clutter and making small repairs to improve the look of your home. Take professional-looking photographs with good lighting to make each room pop. Improve your curb appeal by tidying your yard and garden. Point out what’s unique in a well-written listing, that indicates what the special areas of your home include.

The Real Estate market is changing, and so are the tools. It’s up to each individual home seller to ensure they have the tools to become real estate savvy and do the right things to sell their home at the right price.

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